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REVIEWS, Greensboro, NC

You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Hodge Garage:


I've known Wayne and his Family for over 19 years now. I even worked for him for a short while. I have NEVER known this man to be dishonest with anyone. He cares too much. This guy lives and breathes gas and oil.


Hodge Garage does good work and will not overcharge you. I was going to mechanic that I thought was cheaper but they were not doing good work. I brought my car to hodge because the cut rate mechanic was screwing up my car. Hodge fixed the problems the bad mechanic caused and saved me money in the long run. I love these guys, you don't have to worry, you always get quality work for a great price. A+!


They are the most HONEST garage in the world. "Pulled a code" at another place and they told me it would be $400. This was all because when they gave me an oil change the check engine light came on. I immediately took to Hodge Garage and THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!!! He saved me so much money and frustration!! Thanks Hodge Garage I tell everyone about you!


I have been using Hodge Garage for the maintenance on all of my vehicles for over 4 years now. Wayne and his team are exactly what I needed in a mechanic. They are able to get my car into the schedule on short notice, they have been able to resolve any problem with any of my cars quickly. They are very friendly and are willing to take the time to answer any questions you have. I recently was shopping for a car for my son and Wayne helped me by answering questions and giving advice, and then finally inspecting a used car that I was considering and ended up buying. I highly recommend this shop!


Always fix my vehicles in a timely manner. A1 service!


It is hard to find an honest mechanic. Wayne and his shop are fantastic. I recently got his advice regarding an engine rebuild for a mustang project I am working on. A few days later I had a problem with an older chevy pickup I have been driving. I ran it low on gas and it died on me then wouldn't start back up, even after gas was added. I thought that the fuel pump had failed. Wayne quickly took care of the issue which turned out not to be a fuel pump but just that it takes a while to prime the old manual fuel pumps. I will take all my vehicle work here in the future.


Wayne and his staff have been amazing to work with! My experience has been that repairs are done quickly and efficiently, prices are reasonable and the work has been high quality. I have never wondered if I could have the work done at a different place for less cost or better service. I highly recommend Hodge Garage!


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